Manifold Heinz Indexing Limited was formed after the closure of Manifold Industries Limited by Renold Plc in January 2002 to support both technically and commercially the old Manifold product, be it for replacements or spare parts, as well as any new developments requiring mechanical indexing mechanisms.

Manifold Heinz Indexing Limited are the premier suppliers of quality components for the automation, assembly and motion control industries.

Our products include a complete and comprehensive range of precision mechanical indexing solutions manufactured by the European leader in rotary indexing Heinz Automations-Systeme GmbH utilizing state-of-the-art design and manufacturing equipment.

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We can offer: Globoidal, Barrel (parallel track) and Parallel (conjugate) Cam options.

Special Mechanism: Incorporating non-standard and bespoke Cam Laws, complex Indexing and Oscillating motions as well as committed Pick and Place robots.

In addition to supplying mechanism components or housed assemblies we also supply peripheral add-on items such as wormgear boxes, helical gear units, motors, brake-motors, clutch-brakes, actuator cams, proximity switches and enclosures to suit most application needs.

Our aim at Manifold Heinz Indexing Limited is to provide our customers with extensive technical support and after-sales service for our quality product range.

As Heinz Automations-Systeme GmbH own all the original Manifold Industries Limited intellectual property, you can be confident that a replacement indexer or spare parts to repair an existing unit will be to the same specification as the original no matter how old.

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For Manifold / Heinz interchangeability information see the Manifold catalogue section.

At Manifold Heinz Indexing Limited we are committed to long-term customer relationships and endeavor to build partnerships with our customers, which can be relied upon.

With over 50 years experience in mechanical indexing, and thousands of units in active service, we are established as a prime manufacturer in indexing technology.

Manifold Heinz Indexing Limited is your primary source for all dedicated components, in mechanical motion control.

Heinz Automations-Systeme GmbH, the European leader in mechanical indexing, is a continuously expanding, medium-sized company, employing over 110 highly skilled and trained personnel in its head offices (clerical and design office) in Bensheim, and production manufacturing plant in Elsterwerda (Brandenburg).

Major components are manufactured in-house, thus enabling us to react promptly to our customers’ requirements. Thereby we can ensure:

  • Quick response times, and therefore prompt delivery lead times
  • Technically matured solutions, utilising in-house experience and competence
  • Delivery reliability, and high quality
  • State-of-the-art, high precision CNC processing machines
  • Large stocks of key components
  • Skilled specialist engineers in manufacturing and assembly
  • Experienced field engineers

By integrating with the latest technology, and utilising our conscientious, dedicated workforce, we are able to offer high quality products with the shortest possible lead-times.

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Heinz Automations-Systeme GmbH products can be used in all industrial applications which require precision indexing, i.e. textile, packaging, factory automation, assembly, machine tools etc.